DIY Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blender CLEANSER

DIY TWO Ingredient Makeup Brush Cleaner & Brush Cleaning Tutorial!

One thing we don’t need in our lives is dirty makeup brushes and the other thing is paying a bunch of money on expensive products just to do so. I’m here to let you guys know a more cost efficient way you can clean your makeup brushes while saving money. So, if you’re ready, lets get cleaning 🙂

Here’s what you’re going to need:

• Dirty Makeup Brushes
• Antibacterial Dish Soap (Dish washing liquid)
• Hair Conditioner or Olive Oil
• Container for Mix (optional)
• Paper Towels or towel
• Access to a Sink

1) Get your dirty makeup brushes laid out or together in one spot ready to be washed. Then, take your container or plate and add equal parts antibacterial dish soap and hair conditioner or olive oil (if you chose to do this extra step).


The antibacterial soap disinfects and the condition or olive oil keeps your brush from drying out.

2) Now, take one of your brushes and swirl it into your mixture.


3) If you decide not to use a mixture, placing the soap in the palm of your hands is fine. In the palm of your hands use a circular motion to wash the brush.


4) Same motion applies when washing out the brush. Make sure to hold the brush downwards so the water does not interfere with the bristles of the brush because this can cause your hairs to start coming apart.


5) After rinsing, holding the brush downwards, squeeze all excess water out of the brush and apply conditioner.


6) After conditioner sits, rinse

7) Repeat with each brush

8) Once all excess water is removed, place brush{es} on paper/hand towel to dry.

So, that’s the end of my version of makeup brush cleaner and cleaning. I hope this helps the next time you think about cleaning your makeup brushes.



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