DIY Lipstick with Crayola Crayons

My inspiration for this post came from Pinterest and a few Youtubers such as Krazyrayray and Awesomeness TV. Some of you might be wondering what in tha h*** is she talking about lipsticks out of crayons, well this is one of those crazy DIY idea thingy we try out to see if it actually works. First off, Crayola crayons do not contain any products that are harmful to the human body. Although it has not been tested for the use on skin, they did make them for kids, who may happen to “accidental eat them” at times. You can try this at your own risk. That’s if your bold enough. Instructions to this will be posted below for all my experimental viewers 🙂

Easy Steps/Ingredients


1. Crayola crayons (Colors of your choosing).

2. Take off rapper of crayons. Do this neatly so you can use it to label the color.

3. Cut or break up crayons and put them in a plate/jar with Coconut oil (spectrum)/Vaseline.

4. With the high frying pan of boiling water place the bowl in it.

5. Use a Wooden stick or spoon to stir both crayon and the #3 choice together.

6. After everything has melted and blended together. Pour the liquid into lip container (allow to cool)

7. Label lip container with color

8. TRY THEM OUT !Screenshot_2015-07-06-03-30-00-1



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  • Aiesha Knight

    This is very interesting and creative. Learned something new from this post, thank you 🙂

    April 13, 2015 at 12:42 am Reply
  • Kristen

    No problem, I’m looking forward to sharing more interesting DIY ideas @Aiesha

    April 13, 2015 at 6:20 pm Reply
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