Lets be real, packing for vacation can be one of the hardest things to do. I remember going to Jamaica for the summer. I packed so many things and I didn’t even need half of them nor did I wore most of what I brought. So I’m here to help you guys out with some tips tricks and basics you’ll need for your summer vacay in any tropical part of the world.


  • Dressy Top (1)
  • T-shirt (1)
  • Casual Tops  (Up to you)
  • Sexy Tops (2)
  • Dress (1/2)

The amount you bring depends on how long you stay and how you want to pack.


I feel tops should be a little fussy in times like this, whether its the color, the texture, or the style. I prefer the top to be more dramatic than the bottom or the shoe, so this way your bottoms and shoes can go with more things and not over packing. it can be like this or you can have a fussy pants or shorts and bright or neutral color tops.

Most of the tops shown were from local stores , Rue 21, Fallas and other places I cant remember. For the summer I specifically like floral prints, loose sheer top/t-shirts, crop tops, lace, and crochet just to name a few. With those in mind you can’t go wrong.


  • Shorts (2)
  • Skirts (1)
  • Pants/Jeans (1)
  • Tights (1)

When it comes to bottoms I like everything to be simple and neutral so i can always dress it up with personal favs, and my tops. I may bring one or two fussy/styled bottom depending on the type of shirt I want to wear with it, but most times by bottoms are really simple.

A jeans and tights goes with anything, shorts and skirts have a chill sexy feel to it, and a dressy pants for a dinner night out. If you dont carry a sexy dress for that ;)


  • Sneaker
  • Sandals
  • Dressy Shoes

Shoes are ususally the hardest thing to pack, because I never want to wear the same shoes so many times on one trip, but if you go creative with the outfit, sometimes it wont even matter, just dont take any full body pics all the time. Carry neutral/earth tone colored shoes.

I prefer gold sandals because it can operate as a jewelry as well as have this richness/casual dressiness to it. It can be seen, and not be seen if you know what I mean. One pair of the right dressy shoes can make the outfit look more put together and at the same time casual, but chic and cuteee.

Last thing, a pair of sneaker, you can travel in it, plus you can always go workout. I mean a lot of people do this even when they’re on vacation. The grind doesn’t stop there.


  • NEW pair
  • One for Pics
  • One to swim in


This is pretty easy, just get a new pair and a sexy one that you just want to take pics in, and then one where you’re comfortable enough to actually be able to swim in; you can even wear it as a top or bralette.


  • One pair (you can always buy a t-shirt)

This is easy. Just get a good pair of pj’s, or a big t shirt. I mean you can always buy a t-shirt or a shorts there. ….. or sleep naked. Up to you.


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry

This is where your personal sense of style and flavor comes in. Add accessories and personal favs to your outfit and everything should be all Gucci for some bomb a$$ pics.

I hope some of these tips were helpful to you guys. I’ll see you next time.






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