Hey everyone, if you guys follow me on my social media like my snapchat and instagram you guys probably already know what or who this post is about.

I recently got a new pair of prescribed eye-wear from the one and only WARBY PARKER and let me tell you

“I am totally inlove.”

This was the perfect gift I could have given myself for the holidays. Honestly, I felt like a whole new person coming into the new year. You know that whole new glasses, new me type sh*t. *lol*

I’ve heard of Warby Parker before and I never really got the chance to follow up on it, but back then I didnt take my eye-wear so seriously. Now, its a must because my eyes are pretty bad. Its a good thing my brother heard of them and reminded me so I could get myself some new hip pair of eye-wear (I’m kinda rhyming did you notice? *lol*). I love them so much, that I had to do a post for you guys so I can help all those out there in need of a pair. For me personally, its pretty hard sometimes to find that perfect glasses that sits on your face as symmetrical as possible, while looking hip, I mean that can never hurt.




Warby Parker came out with their LENS CLOTH TRIO which is absolutely fun, and useful in many ways. I admire their design and color (they used complimentary colors, so you know its real). Its together, and neat and also unisex. These cloth trio’s can be used for more than just cleaning your glasses.

Gentlemen these are also bomb pocket kerchief replacements for your suits.

It can even be used as a dusk mask, a signal device, or even for medical use (if things get that serious).




When my glasses arrived the packaging was well put together. It came into a strong nicely decorated box, which btw is apart of my room now for decor. Inside was the glasses case which was white on the outside while inside was blue and soft as ever. This packaging was way different from when I got my first pair of glasses from Walmart; and of-course it came with a cloth to clean the glasses.


Warby Parker has an AT HOME TRY ON where you can try 5 pairs, 5 days, free trial before you decide if you want to buy or not. Another option is to go to the store to talk with their people and get a better fit.

When I went to the store I learned that some eyeglasses were made for people of Asian decent. These now work perfectly for me because the frame of the glasses fits my flat nose better. It hugs my nose just right. Who knew there was such a thing?




The glasses I decided on was called PERCEY, in Missions Clay Fade from the Winter 2016 collection.

  • Akulon-coated screws for durability
  • Lenses made from polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material for eyeglasses
  • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included
  • Made from custom cellulose acetate
  • Cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity
  • Offer 100% UV protection
  • Frames are hand-polished for three days with a German wax compound before making their way to your eyes.


For every pair purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Visit their website here :

Thank you Warby !



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