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NEW Style Factor Edge Booster Styling Gel

Hey K-Stylers, I’m back at it again with another hair tutorial. In today’s post Ill be reviewing the new Style Factor Gel, this retails for about $13-$14. It is 16oz, and the scent I got was Pineapples (they have Pineapple, Sweet Peach, and Blueberry). The packaging is strong and super cute……. and girl, she thick thick.

When using this product I would suggest using a very moisturizing leave-in, so the gel does not dry your hair out, or do a deep conditioning treatment before hand. As usual I’ve attached some screenshots below, or you can watch my video here. To achieve this wash n go, I also used the ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Creme with the Style Factor Gel.

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