“Puppy love” is a term used to describe what many kids/teenagers/whatever call love, implying that they are incapable of the same type of true love that adults are capable of. However, “puppy love” is most likely equally common among adults.

When I was a teenager adults use to make it seem as if it was a crime to be in a relationship so young?

What do you mean you have a boyfriend?
What do you know about that?
What do you know about love?

They use to call it “puppy love”, atleast thats what it was called where I lived, but was that suppose to mean it’s not real, because we’re not ‘adults’ like you? Was that supposed to mean what we feel is not true because we are not old enough or have much experience? Up to this day I still don’t know what was meant by the ‘grown ups’ who’ve said it to me. Back then I wanted some explanation, but now, I DONT. I’ve learned that being 16, 23 or 50 doesn’t really separate us when it comes to relationships. Yes they’re may be some 16 yr olds who aren’t mature enough to handle some things, but they’re also some 16 yr olds out there who can.

When I was a kid, a teenager, I never hid my feelings towards my parents on how I felt when it came to me having a boyfriend, and I guess thats where the trust between us started. Though, if your familiar with Jamaican parents you know that us having a boyfriend at around 16 and under is not tilted as she has a boyfriend or shes in a relationship. Your crush, or whoever you were dating was known as your little friend.

I have come across many adults (as young as I am) who you would think knew what was right, but they don’t, and you, who weren’t supposed to have a boyfriend or have a clue does. I’m not saying every ‘child’ is like this and I’m not saying your a bad parent if your kid is doing something your not acceptable to. I believe the world is an open book to read whatever you want whenever you want as long as you have access to it. So isn’t it best to guide us, rather than judge us, and tell us no. I don’t want to get all deep into this but, not all adults are mature, and not all young-lings are immature, but that is the beauty of life, wouldn’t you agree?




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