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Hey Loves,

Today I decided to share with you guys the photo apps I use and what I use which one for and what good they are to me. I did this because I think it’s absolutely a must to have perfect pictures that looks incredibly good, atleast as good as you want it to be. I mean who doesn’t want their selfies to be on fleek? In addition, people always ask me what I use to edit my pictures so, here you guys go 😉 However, my overall editor is PHOTOSHOP. That- is bae <3

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1. Picsart- This is used for corrections, overlays, masks, filters, cool, stylized artistic filters, and other adjustments such as slightly adjusting your body shape if you need to.


2. Snap seed- This is good for picture adjustments such as lighting, contrast, ambiance, shadows, highlights etc.


3. Pixlr- This is also good with picture adjustments, but it doesn’t just change the lighting of the picture you can also, fix red eyes, doodle, stylize, color, smooth etc. it also has many borders and overlay designs to choose from.


4. Youcam Makeup- Ok, so this one is my all time favorite beauty, face app. It’s basically design to put makeup on your face, just the digital version. Girls, try this out because I know you’ll love it as much as I do. It gives you eyebrows, eye colors, removes bags, give you eyeliners and smoothes your face out.


5. Befunky- You can also use this to add and adjust your face, but its better used for minor adjustments like soften, blur, sharpen etc. I used this more for filters.


6. Photogrid- I mostly use this app for collages and to set my frame for my instagram post, or to add text. Personally for me their filters kind of suck, not being offensive or anything.



I hope this was helpful to you all.



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  • Aiesha

    I’ll sure do check out the ones I was not familiar with. Thanks !

    July 14, 2015 at 10:54 pm Reply
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