My Pros & Cons of Online Classes

I’m not exactly doing the difference between online classes and live on campus classes. This is just my feedback on my pros & cons of online classes which I took last semester (summer). Online classes requirements may vary depending on type of school and major. I go to an art school (fyi)


1) No early mornings
I consider this to be a positive thing with this whole online class thingy because I am NOT a morning person and me waking up 7 am for school in college does not motivate me one bit. When you take online classes, you can sleep in (that’s if your work hours doesn’t require you to wake up). You practically can turn in your assignments and projects anytime of the day, as long as it’s on the day is it due (yes, 11:59 pm is acceptable).

2) Easy A (+)
I find it quite beneficial when your campus portal allows you to see other students work, for one, I use it as a guide and motivation. There is always that one student who goes all out in everything. By that I mean, they do extra work and they turn in assignments way before the due date (yes, this does happen, I was shocked myself). This is a good way to motivate yourself and produce a good project so you can get an A. Use your classmates work as a source or “competition”, and the professor’s notes/instructions as a guide, following all the rubric materials. Your sure to get and A! But remember, if you don’t put in the work, don’t expect the grade.

3) Save
This sub heading speaks for itself. You save money and gas going on the campus (if your dorm room isn’t already on campus). And you save money on food too, I don’t know if it’s just me, but being on the road makes me hungry, and makes me spend more.


1) Fast Pace & Work Load
I consider this a con because, let’s just say I didn’t decide to do online class because I have a bunch of time on my hand. I don’t know if it was just my school and how they ran things but, it was faced paced and really organized. There was no time for procrastination unless you were good at it and even then, I don’t recommend it. Online classes aren’t easy, it’s just as much work as being live, in class.

2) More Interactive
I don’t know why we couldn’t just do our assignments turn them in and wait for our grades to be in the grade book. I mean yea, socializing it good, but we don’t even do that in some of our classes when were in the classroom unless were already friends, you know what I mean. Instead we have to have a discussion every week with our professor and classmates (that is a requirement). Fail to do so, you get a low grade, because what, they grade it, like —- BRUHHHHHH!!!!

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