My Jamaica Travel Guide 2019

Hey K-Stylers,

I went on a little vacation back home to Jamaica in March and I wanted to do things I’ve never done and visit some places I’ve never been. Living there I always said I had time to do everything, but I moved to another country, and did nothing. Tis better late than never though right? My family and I decided to go Jamaica for my Dad’s 60th birthday this year, and I was so excited for the break. It’s always a good time to see my nieces and nephew.

To start our trip back to the islands, we decided to stay in:

Montego Bay: 3 Nights

Negril: 3 Nights

Spanish Town: 2 Nights


Finding somewhere to stay in Jamaica is pretty simple for me, fact being I use to live there, and some of my family still does. However, what I do believe makes more sense when it comes to a place to stay is too find somewhere convenient for you, and the purpose of your trip. Where do you want to go, what do you want to do?

I find renting a villa, for my trip made more sense than to rent a hotel room for a couple of nights. Well, I guess it depends on how many people you go with, and what works best for you. For me, it was renting a villa. Since it was a family vacation, we decided to find somewhere in Negril, Little Bay Country Club & Town-homes. For our excursions, we went to Couples Negril on a day pass to do a little water activities, eat food, and drink, I mean it is all inclusive!


When it comes to food, since me and my family were in a villa, we brought our own groceries, and made our own food. Other than that and the hotel food, I ate alot of KFC, because JAMAICAN KFC is Bombbb (yes with 3 b’s), and Jerky’s Jerk Chicken. Oh, and Jamaican Beef, and Cheese Patties.

Here are a few pictures from my trip. I was trying to upload more, but honestly getting everything together would take another month, but you can always catch me on my social media to see everything. Enjoy !”

Game Arcade Rate : 7 It only had an arcade, no bowling ally, or other activities I was use to.
Montego Bay Hip Strip. 7 There wasn’t anything there to do but the Arcade we went to, and the bar. Apart from Margaritaville ofcourse.
The Villa. 9
The View From Our Villa
Breakfast at the Villa
The Beach. 8
The Pool. 8
Sunset Dinner
Ricks Cafe (Cliff Diving) . 8
Couples Negril Resort 9.5
Glass Bottom Boat
Wind Sailing
Photoshoot Day

It had been a while since I last went there, and I realized how much things changed for me, and how culturally different we and Americans are. I have to say I missed it, not the sun though, lol. However, the beach, the vibes, the people, and the food are amazing.

Overall I had a good time, and I plan to go back. There are still a few places I need to go. Plus, its home & always will be.

Until next time.


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