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Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Line Review

Hey guys in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you a hair review on Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter line. This is my first time using their products and I thought it would be better if I got the holiday bundle which includes the 8 and 6 oz bottles. This way, if I don’t like the products I don’t have much to work with.

I was so excited to try this product for you guys I even did it when I was sick. I wanted to try this bundle as well as my Cantu products to see how my hair currently looks with a flat twist out. I dont do much of these, but lets see how it goes.

I hate doing reviews because my opinions may not be in agreement with yours and I don’t want it to seem as if I’m knocking anyone’s favorite product, so if this is your holy grail product. Sorry!


1. Shampoo 

Before shampooing (old wash and go)

I Sectioned my hair in half, at first there wasn’t much lather and I’m not too particular about the smell. It did nothing for me, and not seeing a shampoo lather makes me feel like its not being cleaned. Having put more shampoo and wetting my hair a bit more, that’s when it started to lather. It made my hair feel brittle, almost mattifying, like it was going to knot and break apart when I was going to wash it out. Overall I dont think I’ll be buying this shampoo again. I didnt like the smell and how it made the texture of my hair feel. Sorry Shea, but I think they’re better shampoos out there.

The hunt continues !

UPDATE: It make my hair soft, and curly once my hair is sectioned and tangle free.

2. Conditioner

Okay, so this conditioner made my hair feel so soft. There was a big comparison in how it made my hair feel right after I rinsed out the shampoo. This product had great slip, but it was a bit on the thick side which may make you use alot more than you need, you just have to work with it. I left it in for about 5 mins. It Made my hair super soft, and I could finger detangle my hair. Lets just say I prefer this product over the shampoo and the masque.

UPDATE: I still enjoy using this product.

3. Masque

At first I was excited to try this product, but after applying it to my hair. I hated it because it kinda made my hair, almost feel like the texture the shampoo gave me. I know hates a strong word, and the scent doesn’t help. Ive used this only once, so I can’t really tell if I hate it or love it so I’ll keep you guys updated. The texture of the masque was a little thick, not too creamy. I left it on for about 5 minutes maybe, but I don’t think it did much for me, but ill try again and keep you guys updated.

UPDATE: First off, every time I use this product, the texture of it is never the same. Sometimes its thick, and the other times its creamy. When I apply my Olive & Almond Oil duo to this masque, I like it better for my hair. Scent still does nothing for me. I'm big on scent if you can't tell.

 Twist Out Style

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

To do my twist out, I used the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. I really enjoy using this product. It smells good, an it keeps my hair moisturized. The only con I may have about this product is the white flakes I get when I mix it with a gel. I didn’t pull these out until 5 days later because I got sick, but I’m fine with how it turned out. When I first went natural, I hated twist outs and braid outs. Now I feel I may do them more often, so Ill be getting a new product to try out for that (any suggestions?). I hope this post was helpful to all my new naturalistas, and transitioners.



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