Hey K-Stylers,

Todays outfit was sort of last minute, but that’s okay because I loved how it turned out. I got these boots around Christmas and I hardly ever wear them, I mean their white and you can only wear these so often right? Have you ever had shoes that you put on a pedestal? Like wearing them will get them dirty, creased and all scoffed ? That’s me with these, and a few other shoes I own. However, I felt like I hadn’t worn them enough, so before I can’t bring the bootie’s out anymore, LETSSSS!!!!

I geared my outfit around these white ankle booties. Often times when I plan an outfit, I find something that I really want to wear, whether its a color, accessory, or piece of clothing. This and knowing the location or activity I’ll be doing is a big help, because sometimes getting ready and picking the perfect (picture worthy) outfit can be hard, lol.

Finding the location to take these pictures were a bit new to me, but I needed a new spot, or object to play with, I decided a car (Jeep) and it was kind of fun to be honest. I honestly felt like I was channeling Latoya Forever a lil bit. I was feeling myself, lol. This outfit gives me a mix modern vibe of Clueless and Beverly Hills 90210 for some reason, but hey, it could just be all in my head.

This day was a good day, it wasn’t hot outside, but it wasn’t cold either. However, knowing Georgia’s weather it would be eventually, so I wore a blush pink sweater crop top and covered my arms and shoulders with a blue and white striped blazer jacket; its light enough to not make me all sweaty, and warm enough when the cool air starts to blow. With this I decided to pair it off with a light blue denim washed jeans  which I thought would go perfectly with these white ankle boots. To top it all off, a blush pink belt, and its matching purse to make the look more complete.— Oh, we can’t forget those Classic Rayband sunglasses. 🙂

What I’m Wearing

Sweater Crop Top: Forever21

Light Blue Jeans: Fallas

Ankle Boots: Charlotte Russe

Purse+ Belt Set: New York & Co.

Sunglasses: RayBand

Hair: Freetress Ponytail Yaki Bounce 30″ | Color: OT30


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