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I am not a perfectionist in blogging because I am still learning. What I will do is share with you my honest opinion based on my experience upon starting my blog a year ago. The most common thing you will hear is “all you need is a laptop or phone”. Well I think there is more.

Research -Get inspired


Decide- Take as much time you need to research and get inspired. Knowing why or what you want to blog about is a good start. Is it because you were inspired? Do you consider is as something you are passionate about? There are numerous categories you can choose from- personal, lifestyle, entertainment, beauty, photography, technology, travel or perhaps fitness. So many things to consider huh? I know, you’ll thank me later.Do what you are comfortable with blogging about. It is best to not do a specific category because many other blogger are doing it.

Tools – Make sure you have a smart phone, laptop, and computer or tablet (beginner’s guide). Further on you can definitely step up your blogging game.

Blogging Host-Do you wish to use Blogger, Square Space, Wix or WordPress? It is important you do some research, that way you will figure out which one suite your needs.

Choose A Domain – Create a domain that is easier for your readers to remember. Perhaps even a creative name that will drive audience to your blog.

Design- Pick a theme that is of your desire or one that fits whatever it is you choose to blog about. Be creative through it all.


Post Your First Blog-Remember a good first post will keep your audience coming back. Be patient and confident, your audience will not grow over night.

Share- It is very important when you are blogging. Share and repost your blogs, use hash tags too because this will drive traffic to your blog site.

Be Consistent- Interact with your readers and post blogs often. Be active at all times. Even if you don’t post everyday or week you can always show love to other bloggers you follow, make minor changes to your site that way your readers will know you haven’t gone “ghost” on them.

What are some advice you have to share for the people who wants to start a blog? I know there is much more to blogging but I hope you found this post useful and good luck.

Happy Blogging…


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