How To Rock A Fur Vest

In Fall/ Winter, I want to be bold and edgy, and wearing fur is a good way to start. Fur can be super intimidating, I mean the other day when I went out in this outfit, I don’t know if it was the 50 degree weather or if I just looked that darn good (or not), but people was staring. I felt like some rock-star (Hahaa). Sporting Fur doesn’t have to be scary, It makes you look affluent (like you got that money honey) and cute too, so don’t sike yourself out before giving it a try.


I made this fit casual by pairing it with my long sleeve black blouse which I pulled up just a bit before my elbows, my blue straight jeans from Old Navy, and some gray short cut ankle boots from Pay-less which may be the third time I’ve worn them since I got them like 3 years ago. I added some pearls and a sliver charm necklace to go with the silver accents on my fur coat that glistens when light hits (yea baby, I shine in the dark.) and also a pair of cat eye like shaped sun glasses to complete to look (it looked way better than wearing my test glasses).




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