High School vs. College

Today’s entry is kind of a long one, but I think it is very important for high schooler’s to know what’s up. If you guys have any feedback, opinions or question, feel free to comment below.

In high school you were always asked, why do you want to go to college? And I would hear most people say “For the college experience”. What is that really? The partying, the friendships or for the actual work and money your about to spend to “experience something”. “The roots of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet”-Aristotle. Basically saying everyone disliked school and what it teaches us at some point in life, but in the long run it’s beneficial to us so we can accomplish what we want.




From childhood to adulthood, in high school, we tend to speed through matters and ignore how different things are at hand, while college helps such issues and guide those who wish to fully take ownership of their life as an adult; learn responsibilities and know who they want to become. Growing up, being in high school everyone had their own opinion on what it would be like to go to college, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the worlds of high school and college are very much discrete from one another. How different are they, well there is the learning process, living situation, and grading for one.

Learning Process & Grading- In high school, attendance is strongly required, it’s basically mandatory; I remember if I missed a day in high school they would call my house, that’s a big change from where I grew up. Classes were early, which many kids hate, you do more subjects and there are full day of classes five days a week. On the other hand, in college you become more flexible.

Though classes become sterner and the work weight becomes harder to handle and the papers become longer; you have the option to choose the classes you wish to take, and the time to take them. You are the one to make your schedule to your liking and timing. Attendance is not mandatory; it does not matter to the professor if you miss class or show up late.

In college, you are expected to know how to ask, answer and react to certain questions and incidents. When starting classes teachers typically think all students are equal until proved otherwise. You will be expected to complete all work, which should be done at the best of your ability as well as turning them in on time. The professor does not yell nor repeatedly tell you what needs to be done; once the professor lists the dates on the course calendar or syllabus, he or she assumes that you will obtain that information without constant reminder.


Furthermore, grading scale for college is ranked higher than most high schools; grades that may be an A in high school may be a B+/B- in college. Exam questions vary and are more difficult to predict and writing assignments become more. Conversely, in high school, teachers yell at you to make sure you are doing the work and that is to be completed. They repeatedly remind you of what needs to be done, as well as what needs to be turned in; teachers gear there classes towards average learners. They make it easier for you to pass their class as well as exams, and they substantially tell you what is to be expected on tests.

Living Situation- Say goodbye to living with parents because in college one thing that we all gain is responsibility, one way or another. This is the biggest change of all that many of us fear because we won’t have our parents there to bail us out when we mess up. In college, you have more freedom and living situations become way more intense. Of your choosing you can do housing, which leads to having roommates. This can cause conflict depending on the various cultures in that one household; here is where you gain many learning tools of living with someone else.

Taking it a step further you can also get yourself an apartment. Still, you are pressured to gain responsibility and to improve yourself as a person. There is no curfew because your management and time skill is up to you to decide. Unlike, in high school most of us live with our parents, they took care of us 100% and we did not have to worry about it that much, only being home in time for curfew and making sure our chores around the house were done. With exception to those who had life and parenting issues.



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  • Leah

    Great work krissy.”High school vs College”, thats a good and interested topic you choose to write about .

    April 13, 2015 at 12:49 am Reply
  • judz ♥

    Well said girl ★

    April 13, 2015 at 3:06 am Reply
  • Antonia

    Nice, to the fact that I start college in couple months from now, this was helpful. Thank you!

    April 13, 2015 at 3:39 am Reply
    • Kristen

      Thank you Antonia, I’m glad I could help, tho this may vary depending on school

      April 13, 2015 at 6:17 pm Reply
  • Damien

    college is equally as easy in my opinion. just more tedious but in both college and high school, paying attention is the most valuable resource.

    April 14, 2015 at 4:46 pm Reply
  • s

    the college lifestyle from high schools was gold for ….the teachers really want you to pass by extending dates and etc ..

    April 15, 2015 at 3:00 am Reply
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