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Hey Loves,

 If you have an inspirational, ‘life’style, DIY, beauty, fashion, hair, entertainment or travel story you’d like to share, then this entry is for you, but honestly if youre a blogger and you just have a specific topic or advice you want to share then you’re more than welcome to (guys your also welcome). A friend of mine aieshainspires came up with this awesome idea of allowing other guest bloggers to submit posts to her blog. Its a good way of meeting new people, showing off who you are, as well as bringing more traffic to your site. I thought this idea was so great that I wanted to try it for myself, and if it goes well. I just might do this every year/season, but we’ll see. I’m always down for helping others out.


Untitled-1Are you down?

If you’re interested here is what you need to know. First off, this post will not only be available for bloggers to submit their entry, but also non bloggers. Two lucky non bloggers will be featured on my blog. I decided to do this because you never know you may end up enjoying this type of thing. Give it a try, don’t be shy.


What You Need To Know

1. If you’re interested direct message me on my social media accounts INSTAGRAM or TWITTER, or email me at

2. Submit your post along with an image of yourself, THE LINK to your blog as well as your social media accounts (if comfortable).

3. Your post should be 150+ words, unless you sum up your entire post in less.

4. LiterallyMyLife will end on April 16, 2017, so submit your posts before then.

I look forward to reading your posts.



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