Dear Designers: Why art?

Why Art?

I decided to do another personal post for you guys because it’s been a while since my hello world post, and if you haven’t yet checked it out, you should! If you didn’t know; well now you will. I am an art student and I chose to go down this career path because, well art has been something I was doing since I was a toddler, I mean we all did art as a kid right? I use to paint and draw and make craft items, esp. for my family when it was their birthday. I thought it would be something nice and I wanted them to know I cared and that they were highly important to me. What can I say; I was a sweet kid :-).


Art was one of the many things I did that made me feel relevant. I was comfortable, it made me believe in myself that I could create whatever I wanted and if people criticized me saying something like, “it looks too weird or you can’t have a rainbow colored fish” I would say. Well, THAT’S ART! There are a lot of work pieces out there that many people think is irrelevant or that doesn’t make sense because it looks like trash or its too hard to understand to see the big picture.


I guess they don’t have that “artistic eye” or have been through what the artist has been. But that “trash” is someone’s life, blood and sweat, their drive, their motivation all in one, that’s their hard work in living proof. I believe it’s always the thought that counts, if there is thought, there is feelings and that’s the piece that will have a story beyond belief. It’s just like a relationship in some way.






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