Contrast In Texture


Hey Guys, a month ago I wanted to try learning how to do Bantu Knots since I was going natural. This was my first time trying this, just for the effect of just having it in my head instead of doing it for the curls afterwards. To me it was terrible, but it was okay enough for me to share this post with you guys.

I decided to do this look for you guys because I feel like alot of these elements have been going around Instagram for a while now. For some its a trend, for the rest its just a must have, you can’t go wrong with one in your closet.

This look is trendy and creative. Something you can definitely put together while on a budget. This look is perfect for all seasons, even ‘winter’ because you can also layer this outfit. For summer its perfect too, because you’re showing just the right amount of skin and cleavage. Not too much, but looking wavy and sexy at the same time.

Plus if you feel too naked or if it gets a little chilly out you can always layer up with a jacket. For this I used a Denim look/feel jacket to complete the look and also add another texture which breaks the grid of the camo and dark/neutral tones. Add some shades and STEP THRU !

The main goal of this fit was to focus on the clothing, and not so much on the accessories or the shoes, Hence why they’re not black. I hope you guys like this posts, and it inspires you to try more creative and out the box diy outfit looks. No matter what anyone says, Even if the item is not trending or doesn’t look too stylish, add your spin on it and create your own trend and style for you.


What I’m Wearing

Sunglasses: Valsboutique

Bralette: Dollar General

Jacket: H&M

Camo Pants: Rue 21

Stockings: N/A

Boots: Burlington



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