Back To Supplies: Holiday Edition Collaboration With LIFEASAIESHA

Hey Loves, welcome back to my blog. Today I decided to do another collaboration, but this time with an aspiring blogger like me here in this online world. Aiesha, aka LifeAsAiesha and I have been friends for quite some years now, so its really cool that we could come together and do this post for you guys.

2015 has finish, that means another semester & YEAR is coming around the corner in full swing (well it already has, its 2016 BABY!!)


So, what was I saying,? yeah. We did this post to help you guys out with tips for getting yourself together for back to school after the HOLIDAYS ! I’ll show you guys all the things you’ll need in your backpack and A will show you a great routine you should do to get in that mood.


So first things first, get that favorite school bag of yours and get ready to pack ! I don’t know about you, but I need me some pens, and pencils, no matter how old I am, I always find myself needing them at some point in my life, and being an art student I guess you could say those are one of my best friends. For my English and Business major/students, grab yourself some highlighters, and light up your grades!

For the students who always seem to find themselves doing some kind of craft projects whether in a group or on your own. This one is for you, pack some GLUE, trust me, this will come in handy one day, oh and some scissors too! Chose whichever glue works best for you, like its convenience (cost,weight, use). Plus its a fun tool to play with.


I really dislike this part. So, if you haven’t knocked out all your Math subjects in the first year or two of school, IM SORRY! The next item on the list is a calculator, if you’re just doing simple math, a phone calculator will do too. I dislike Math, but don’t be like me, Love it & do well in it always!!!!!!!



If you are a legit girly girl, or someone with serious organization issues, then you will definitely not forget this one. A journal, or small notepad. Personally for me I use my ‘journal’ to write down ideas or thoughts that come to mind for my blog or my YouTube, not necessarily, something where I write down my crushes and gossips, but if that’s what you do, go and get it girlfriend.*wink wink*


The next item on this list is something you cannot forget FOLDERS, BINDERS, FOLDER LEAVES (NOTEBOOK PAPER). If you leave the house without these, what kind of school do you go to ? Exactly! There are many to chose from and they don’t cost that much. Some people only carry binders to school (see second image below)

Screenshot_2015-12-30-00-29-12 Screenshot_2015-12-30-00-31-27-1


Everyone can agree with me on this next one. HEADPHONESS, I love my beats by Dre, they are probably the only headphones I’ve had for a long time thats still rocking with me.We can’t live without music, that’s what keeps us sane. It gets us out the deepest sh*t as well as how it gets us there. Other electronics not to forget includes, your thumb-drive (hard-drive), laptop, and cellphone (who would forget that?)



This one for me is a must have, but at the same time its the quickest one to go. I mean, you can get 25 pieces of gum from the dollar store for a buck and some cents. Why you gotta ask me everyday for gun? Anyways, pack yoself some gum ya’ll !!



Okay, the last item on my list is mainly for all my girls out there who likes to ‘powder up’. I call this, the GIRL PURSE/HYGIENIC BAG. I have to say for me, this is probably the only thing that makes my bag weigh a ton of load. Why? From makeup, to perfume, from lotion to lip balms, hand sanitize-rs, sanitary napkins and wipes. The list goes on, however this does depend on the type of girl you are. Some go all out, some are more laid back only having 3 main essential items. I’m not afraid to pack because I never know where I may end up 🙂

Screenshot_2015-12-30-00-30-34-1 Screenshot_2015-12-30-00-32-41 Screenshot_2015-12-30-00-34-21

Well I’ve said all I think you’ll need for your back to school bag-pack so now its time for you to go over to LifeAsAiesha to see how to get back into your daily school routine! I hope you guys liked this blog.

Until Next time.


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    January 2, 2016 at 2:49 am Reply
  • LifeAsAiesha

    Nice doing a Collab.with you. Very interesting, you did a good job. I literally have these little ones in my household reading this cause they do need tips. Happy New Year. Have a productive school year to you & your viewers <3 ….

    January 2, 2016 at 2:58 am Reply
    • Kristen

      It was great working with you too, I look forward to more collabs. I am glad you like it. Thank you for your support <3

      January 3, 2016 at 2:28 am Reply

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